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Have you got a contract from companies to supply their employees data for different network?.

Are you bothered about the stress of having to send all the data one after the other manually?,

And you are now looking for a better platform that offers bulk data sale at cheapest price with no sign up fee?.

ATG Ventures have got you covered!.

Kindly visit, sign-up/login, select either DATA BUNDLE or SME-DATA.

  • Go to your Laptop or mobile phone
  • Create a new excel file with three rows with headings phone, network, amount.

Please check screenshot below

  • Make sure that your contents are typed as plain text.


  1. Save your file as either csv or xlsx and upload.
  2. Click on continue to recharge

Please find screenshot


Fund your wallet if you haven’t done so and pay with wallet.

We wish you happy sales!

If you need to make further enquiry

Kindly send an email to [email protected] or call 07032253598

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