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Why do we envy and hate other people?.
Think about this!, for me I thinks it’s because we are not focusing on ourselves enough.

Think about this, why do fishes in the sea try not to dwell on the land and why is it that Lion, the king of the jungle do not ever attempt to rule over the fishes in the ocean?.

It is all because, fishes will meet their doom on land while Lions will meet their death in the sea.

The Lord is our builder. It is written in Psa. 103. 14a, “The Lord knoweth our frame”. He therefore places us in the place that suites us best and where our potentials will can be best exhibited.

We strife and envy others in their placement because we are not furnishing and decorating our abode as others are doing.

A lion can decide to have waters flowing in the jungle, by making path for water to flow through it, just as a whale can yet decide to have land on the sea by transforming a portion of the sea into an island.

If the lion say, come ye whale, look at stream which I have created in my jungle, and the whale says, come and have a look at the green island which I have created in my sea. Friendship will be kept, there will be neither envy nor enmity.

Remember, Jesus, though was called “Rabbi” meaning “teacher”, never wrote any word or chapter in the bible. Yet, the whole bible was all about Him.

Know what you are designed to be, know your purpose, know what you ought to be doing.

If you did not have the sightless insight to what you ought to be doing, ask your creator.

If this is not convincing enough, then let the whale go and live on the land and let the lion switch its place to live in the ocean. I bet you, the aftermath of the whole scenario will be the extinction of both species.

Embrace who you are

You are made different from others

You are a distinct species of human

You are made for made for more…

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