Mighty hand


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Mighty hand

According to the book of Exodus 3, the Lord instructed Moses to go forth into the land of captivity (Egypt) to bring the Israelite out of captivity into the land which He has ordained for them (a land filled with milk and honey).
But the Lord emphasized a point by telling Moses that:

“Pharaoh will not release your people to come with you, except by a mighty hand”.

Lo!, the prophecy was fulfilled in Exodus 5; Moses went to pharaoh and said unto him “let my people go, that they may serve their God”. But Pharaoh replied, Who is thy God, that I should obey Him, that I should obey His voice and let Israel go?, he concluded in his arrogance by further stating

“I know not thy God, neither will I let Israel go”.

Pharaoh therefore increased the suffering of the Israelite by doubling their daily task, the elders cried unto pharaoh for help, but in his pride, he said “You wanted to go and serve the Lord because ye are idle” (Exodus 5:17). The elders of the tribes of Israel met Moses and Aaron on the way and said unto them in Exodus 5:21: “May the lord judge you, for you have brought this great suffering upon us. This made Moses to go back to God and the Lord affirmed what He has said before by re-stating in Exo. 6:1,

“Pharaoh will not allow the Israelite to go, EXCEPT BY A STRONG HAND” but by a strong hand, he shall let them go, with a strong hand upon him, he shall drive the Israelite out of his land”.

Praise God!, so it is. No more need for asking God, “Who am I any longer, that I should go to pharaoh, that I should bring Israel out of Egypt”, Exo. 3:11, except for a strong hand, it won’t be possible, but with a strong hand, it is possible.
Thus, no need to plead with pharaoh nor to argue with him. Let the strong hand do the work. Let the strong hand bring pestilence unto the land of Egypt, let thy strong hand turn river Nile to blood, let thy strong hand kill their first born, let thy strong hand bring tears out of their eyes, let the strong hand divide the red sea into two and let the strong hand cause you to walk on the dried land through the sea. Let the strong hand make the sea to swallow up pharaoh and his horsemen. Let the mighty hands of God deal with my enemies. Let the mighty hand of God take me to my high places.

No to frets, no to worries, no to fearfulness, let the strong hand do the work.

Alas, but not everyone can call for the strong hand to work, for God cannot behold iniquities. Only those that are washed and cleansed by the blood are yet to fit to stand before the tabernacle and call for this hand. Give your life to Christ in absolute surrender and call the mighty hand into action; for He is waiting earnestly and expectantly to be called into action.

Your challenges won’t be turned to rejoice except by a mighty hand.

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