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Forging!, as the name ascribes is an act of steady movement forward, which is often brought about by a little thrust. “Fog” as it is called is a milky atmospheric condition that reduces visibility at its presence.

Just as a little thrust is needed to propel one forward, a little forging is needed for one to go through the fog steadily without knucking under to visual or mental deceit and recession which the fog deems to bring on.

In a foggy(milky) atmosphere, no one sees. That is why the eye of the invincible but ever present one is needed to see the invisible obstructions that lies on the way, lest, one stumble and suffer injuries. Even as one gets to the T-junction, seeing the signs and address on the sign post might seem difficult, for the signs seems to have been covered with fog. Thus, one might know not which direction one ought to take. Wherefore, the leader and companion which has been given by the giver (called the Holy Spirit) is needed to lead, lest one go the wrong direction before returning to the right direction at the latter hour, only the immotile stagnated! don’t experience fogs, all forging individuals experiences fogs, but thanks to God for the Holy Spirit; which is given freely to those that lust and ask for it. He is needed to forge onward through the fog. Perhaps!, it is high time we asked for Him to come and take His rightful place in us.

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