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Every sectors in every field have its own laid down rules which must strictly be adhered unto: for example, in the chemistry laboratory; do not pour water into acid but rather pour acid into water. For the motorist; check the water and oil gauge as well as the tires of your automobile before embarking on a long distance journey, lest you face the consequence. In accounting; preparation for miscellaneous when estimating the total cost for a particular project is paramount, in order to be on the safer side. Many are the rules to be observed in every field in order to obtain an expected result, but there is a principle in the kingdom under which other principles are encompassed, this principle is “The principle of giving”.

According to Mathew 13:31-32, a sown mustard seed is expected to sprout and grow into a big tree with branches which will bring forth fruit, so that birds of the air can perch on it and make it their place of abode. Mathew 13:44-46 also posits that, selling all that one had is imperative, in order to give and as well as to purchase the kingdom. Thus, giving in the kingdom, is more than giving alms to the less privileged.

The Lord Himself is the author of giving. He made the heaven, the earth and breathed the breath of life into man’s nostril Genesis 2:7, He made man to have dominion over all things He created, Genesis 1:26. Lo, the life which was given to man became corrupted, for man allowed the proliferation of the devil, whom is the father of deceit. Praise the lord!, Christ came to us in His compassion to give us a new life, John 10:10; but he that hold onto the old and corrupted life, without releasing it in order to receive a newer one shall loose it and he that giveth it out shall receive a new one, Mathew 10:39, 16:25.

Knowing that the Lord is the greatest giver as written in James 1:17, there is a need for us to give so as for us to be able to enjoy the attributes of the kingdom, Mathew 6:33. It must also be noted that man can neither gain entrance into the kingdom of God by mere act of philanthropy, nor can man enter into the kingdom by “I believe in Jesus” only, hard work is needed as written in, Matt. 5:42, 25: 31-46, 25: 14-30.

Giving do not end with giving to neighbor, 2 Sam. 24: 19- 25 describes sacrificial giving, Act 4:32-37 also describes giving all that one had to the upliftment of the gospel, an act which earned Barnabas the name, son of consolation. Remember that one-tenth of your earning is also to be given to the lord, Mal. 3:10a. Do not forget that, giving in the kingdom must be done as instructed by our mentor in Matt. 6: 2-4.

There is a saying “Giving is living and eating is dying”, a quote coined  as a result of the analysis of the life of a man called John Davison Rockefeller by biographers. There are covenants that go with those that gives:

  • The Lord will open the window of heaven unto them, 3: 10b.
  • Testimonies of abundance and security, 50: 10-15, Exo. 14:14.
  • They shall know the lord’s innermost secret, 25:14.
  • He will pour out His spirit upon them, Job 32:8.
  • They shall ask and receive, Ps. 2:8
  • When you give, you will increase, Prov. 11:24

More so,

John Wesley said “Earn all you can and give all you can”.

Now!, the conclusion of the whole matter is: give to live, give to receive and give to inherit the kingdom. The Lord is worthy of our everything, for He gave us everything.

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