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Glo 4X rechargeAfter 30 minutes on phone call with Jane

ATTAINCOM: Jane, I guess you have bought GLOBALCOM Nigeria LTD.
JANE: Laughing out loud, I never buy GLOBALCOM, have u heard of Glo- 4X recharge?
ATTAINCOM: Glo- 4X recharge!.
JANE: Yes, that’s the hottest plan for Glo network users!.
ATTAINCOM: En enh. Tell me more please!
JANE: With Glo- four times (4X) recharge package, you will get four times value of every recharge of X 100 and more.
ATTAINCOM: How can I enjoy this offer?, I want to calling people like you TOO JANE.
JANE: To enjoy this offer, kindly recharge your recharge card pin with *323*PIN#.
Glo- subscribers tend to also enjoy four times the value of electronic recharge of the following mount: 150, 250, 550, 1050, 2050, 5050 and 10050
ATTAINCOM: What if I recharged 100, 200,500 or 560 electronically, would I still get a bonus of four times or the value of my recharge.
JANE: No, you can only get the four times value of your electronic recharge of 150, 250, 1050, 2050, 5050 and 10050 only
ATTAINCOM: What’s the validity of the bonuses on recharge
JANE: electronic recharge (i.e. VTU recharge) of 150 and 250 have a validity of 14 days while the other have the validity of 30 days
ATTAINCOM: Thanks so much for this piece of information Jane. Make I go recharge sharp sharp first, Its my turn to call you this time.
JANE: Lol.

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