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RestInterestingly, God maintained a time-table, six days he worked and rested on the seventh day. Therefore for God (our creator) worked, it is the sole duty of man (the creature) to work.

…nothing works until we work them out said -Bishop David Oyedepo.

Had God not worked out the earth by His Words or worked out man out of the dust by his hands, or worked out life into man by His breath. Nothing would have been called earth, all it’s creature today would have been as good as unknown. After making the first man (Adam) he commissioned him to a WORK by putting him in the garden of Eden and making him oversee all the activities that happened therein … It was recorded that every name Adam gave all the animals were the names which they were called up till Today.
Eh, imagine, a man gave name to millions of living creatures on Earth. What a good job well down!.
However, there is a major difference between job and work!.

… Work is a divine profession assigned to us by our maker at the beginning, we feel happy while doing it, we feel the fulfillment while carrying it out, while a job is what we do to make some cash, we may not really feel happy as we do it.

– Mike Murdock

However, work is deemed to become boring, uninteresting, unfulfilling when no time is given for rest!.
Rest is a fundamental requirement in order for us to continue in the work assigned unto us by our maker.
Why rest after work?

  • Rest is a state of reduced consciousness where one becomes temporary unconscious to either worries as a result of negative happenings in the environment or the euphoria of success from one’s previous endeavor.
  • Rest is important for physical and emotional refreshment, it gives space for relaxation of the body’s nerves. Rest is a prerequisite for staying healthy. We have got to stay healthy for subsequent activities. Thus, we need to rest.
  • Dreams and revelation as pertaining to the next step to take are revealed in a period of rest known as SLEEP.

How to rest

  • We can rest by either sleeping or meditating.

Note this:

when work becomes tedious, uninteresting and there comes a need for a new way to get tasks accomplished. Rest is needed.

…. Adam rested when there came a need for a helper, he saw Eve upon waking up.
…. Isaac went to the field to meditate (think about the awesomeness of God) and he saw the camel carrying his bride
… Jacob slept and he saw the angel that changed his name from a trickster to Israel (a prince who prevailed with God).

It’s a New Day and a New Week.

WORK to make things happen. REST for revelation on how to advance what you do.

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The word of God is profitable for living
Build your life on it!.

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