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Getting out of the car today, getting onto the overhead bridge and seeing my house from afar. I got tired of trekking home, I stood by the edge of the bridge and say to myself “how I wish I can fly home from here” and the voice of truth said unto me “You can really fly home if you won’t look down whilst you flies, but rather keep your head up”. Due to my fretful heart, I couldn’t fly home; for I thought  that, I didn’t see any wing on my shoulders and I knew that I will surely look down while I flies.

So it is “You can only do it if you believe that you can do it”. You can fly with invincible and invisible wings, only if you believe in the giver of the invincible and invisible wings, in addition to His strength in your flight. It’s time to take a step, Keep the frets abase and jump off the bridge.

It’s time to knock harder on that hard surface, for its high time we broke the jinx.

Look at that success ahead!, let’s fly to it.

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