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Everyone has wishes. Seeing my friends win laurels in athletics, while in college, I wished I someday win prizes too. Though, I never practised athletics. While watching soccer and seeing the best player called to the podium to receive golden boot. I say someday, I am gonna become a professional footballer, though I never go to training. I am neither an athlete nor a footballer today.

The year is still young, so many plans have been made, so many new year resolutions have been made. But the question is “Have you started to take step towards their actualization yet?”. Be on the go!.

In the scripture, when Samaria was in the siege by the Syrian. The lepers (the outcasts) were outside the city hungry. Then, they had a meeting and concluded: Why sit here till we die?. It’s high time we are on the go!. Records have it that as they go towards the Syrian camp. The Lord amplified the sound of their feet. The Syrian heard the sound and took to their heel. On getting to the camp, no one was found there. The aftermath of their decision to be on the go was victory and abundance. Your carefully written plans for the year is the revelation of God to you.

Revelation is God lending us His eyes to see what He is seeing so that we may take steps towards the actualization of what we see.

The year is a great year for the people on the go. Do you desire a quality relationship? go for it. Do you desire education? go for it!. Do your desire expansion in your business?. go for it!.

The road may be slippery,

Be on the go!

The journey may be far,

Be on the go!

The more you go, the shorter the journey becomes.


This article was inspired by 2Kings 6, 7.

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