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A conversation between Attaincom and MTN Customer care representative
Customer Care Rep: Welcome to MTN assistance Centre, My name is Jane. How may I help you?
Attaincom: My name is Attaincom
Customer Care Representative: May I address you as Mr. Attaincom?
Attaincom: Yes, you can!.
Customer Care Rep: How may I help you Mr. Attaincom
Attaincom: I would like to know more about your tariff plans
Customer Care Rep: Are you interested in knowing about our prepaid or postpaid plans?
Attaincom: Kindly tell me the difference between postpaid and prepaid plan!
Customer Care Rep: A prepaid plan allows Telecom subscribers to pay for a particular upfront before they can enjoy it, while postpaid plans allow Telecom subscribers to enjoy a particular service and pay later, usually at the end of each month.
Examples of MTN prepaid plans on MTN are MTN Pulse, MTN BetaTalk and so on. While MTN XtraSpecial is an example of MTN postpaid plan
Attaincom: How does MTN XtraSpecial plan work?
Customer Care Rep: MTN XtraSpecial tariff plan allow subscribers to enjoy a FLAT rate of 15 Kobo per second to all networks and 18 selected international destinations from the very first second.
Attaincom: FLAT rate of I5 Kobo per second to all networks. Wow!, this must be the best tariff for business owners and organizations
… How can I migrate to this tariff plan?
Customer Care Rep: As a prepaid subscriber, you need to visit any of our service centers nearest to you to migrate.
Attaincom: Okay, thanks so much for your time
Customer Care Rep: You are welcome Mr. Attaincom. Would that be all?
Attaincom: Yes.
.. Attaincom hanged up.
We only provide useful tips that help Telecom users enjoy maximum benefits from their Telecommunication industries. This article is not targeted at making you switch to another telecommunications network or quit your current subscription plan.

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