Refrain Henceforth


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Refrain Henceforth

Joshua 6: 20b (KJV)

KEY VERSE: And it came to pass when the people heard the sound of the trumpets, and the people shouted with a great shout, that the wall fell flat.

Refrain henceforth, from building Towers, desist from making it more stronger, refract from equipping the wall, do not maintain the structure, let it be broken down, but, let it be broken down completely. There should be no more viewpoints from the tower, for there are no more invaders and no more preparation for war. For the prince of peace have entered with His peaceful possessions, attributes, and merriment.

According to Joshua 6:20; It takes more than opening the gate of Jericho for the Israelites to pass through the city. It takes complete breakdown of the wall and the gate thereof, so is it, as to heavenly cautious believer. It takes more than opening the gate of our heart to allow the work and the fullest manifestation of our Lord God. It takes a complete breakdown of the wall, the tower and the gate.
The wall must be broken completely to dust, the tower must be pulled down and the gate of brass and iron must be melted down.
Joshua 6:20-21, described the scenario of how the Israelite charged into the city, dedicating it to the lord and destroying all that liveth in it, and Mathew 21:12-13, recorded that when Jesus entered into the synagogue and found people buying and selling there, He overturned the tables of many money changers saying ‘’ My house shall be called the house of prayer, not the house of thieves’’ as to this when the prince of peace enters into a city which is your heart, he enters to purge you off the dirt and the devourers therein, the wall and gate should be broken completely so that He might build and establish His kingdom and so that the world might see.
The tower to the city must be broken down completely to dust, for the presence of the prince of peace has brought peace and there is no need to be alert for war anymore, the tower must be pulled down. No need for watchman anymore, for there is no need to spy into other kingdoms. Lest the watchman sees a bottle of Gold filled with venom and bringeth it in, to defile His kingdom.

For Joshua forbade anyone to rebuild the city of Jericho, so it is, when the wall of anger gets broken down do not rebuild it by piling up your brethren mistakes, waiting for the day the mete of he/she her measure will be filled up.
Covetousness, lasciviousness, lewdness, bitter spirit, arrogance, intolerance, Egoism, Jealousy, Mendaciousness made up the wall.

Philippians 1:21 recall Paul saying “To live is Christ, and to die is gain” dying in this context doesn’t means the cessation of breath; it means the disappearance of all the distasteful attribute that made up the wall’.

Are all the attributes mentioned above are dead in you. Then the wall is broken completely to dust. do not try to rebuild it.

Refrain from all the activities that will rebuild the wall, let the light of His kingdom shine bright, for darkness cannot comprehend it, do not block His light with the wall, let the Gentiles see His glory and come to your light. If such attributes of the wall mentioned above persist in you.

Perhaps, it is high time it is broken down and let the Prince of peace come in and shine forth His glory through you.

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