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Few weeks ago AttainCom share some vital information on synergy which literally means partnership. This week, AttainCom will continue on the series Synergy tagged: the need for taking informed decision before synergizing.

Once upon a time,  an old woman was feeling lonely at home, she needed someone to be talking to, her neighbors advised her to buy a parrot, so she went to the market to get one.

At the parrot seller’s shop:

Parrot seller: welcome mama, here are our parrots.  But this parrot called amebo is the most loquacious, in fact,  it can talk from morning till night!.

Old woman: oh, that’s what I need, I will go for Amebo.

The parrot seller sold Amebo to the old woman. He also gave her a small mirror, a cassette and a manual on care of the parrot. Whenever the parrot sees its reflection in the mirror, it will think that there is another parrot and therefore continue to talk. Moreover, always play this cassette to the parrot that will make the parrot to talk… finally, mama don’t forgot to read the manual when u get home, he concluded.

When the old woman got home, she kept Amebo inside the cage,  put the mirror beside it and started to play the audio cassette. She talked to the parrot, but to no avail,  the parrot did not reply. She continued for three days in the same manner but Amebo never talked.

Inquisitively, the old woman opened the manual on the third day only to discover that the manual says: Always give the parrot Bread. Too late,  the parrot was now too weak to eat and the parrot died.

Below are the expected things one ought to do when introduced to a business that promises a high financial returns and require little input from you:

  1. Take a break,
  2. Research the opportunities: take leverage of the internet to do this, if the opportunity appears to be too good to be true. It’s probably not true.
  3. Consult a neutral third party, like your financial institution (bank) before investing.
  4. Independently verify the identity of the people that introduced the business to you simply via Facebook and other social media network. The content of peoples’ media page speaks a lot about them.
  5. Never give your ATM details to anybody on social media.
  6. When applying for a job: verify the company’s website, location, staff address before giving out ur private details.
  7. Only send your CV and contact details when you are sure that job advert is genuine
  8. Don’t advance any payment to get the job offered to you


Always take your time to make decision. Never respond too quick to offers you don’t understand thoroughly

Being slow is better than being @ loss.

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