… After 30 minutes on phone call with Jane ATTAINCOM: Jane, I guess you have bought GLOBALCOM Nigeria LTD. JANE: Laughing out loud, I never buy GLOBALCOM, have u heard of Glo- 4X recharge? ATTAINCOM: Glo- 4X recharge!. JANE: Yes, that’s the hottest plan for Glo network users!. ATTAINCOM: En enh. Tell me more please! …


… the real solution to hurry while on phone call!. FRIEND: Hello, hello, Oh boy, how you dey?. I just say make I greet you. Take care!. ATTAINCOM: let me call you back… ATTAINCOM: Friend, distance is no more a barrier in keeping relationship, lack of adequate communication is No need to hurry while calling …


1–31–3 Ever been in the hospital, sitting with a patient who is urgently in need of blood transfusion and wondered why physicians keeping on rejecting willing donors after laboratory screening, or why willing tissue donors were rejected by physicians due to donor-patient tissue incompatibility?. Meet Hypersensitivity: Cytotoxic reactions for the answer, you will love it!.

MTN BetaTalk

In a bid to satisfy our customers demand for latest news in the Telecommunication industries. ATG Ventures is hereby launching Telecom Hot Tips. Customer: I hate spending too much of my time chatting with friends, I prefer to call and talk to them. Attaincom: Have you considered MTN BetaTalk?.


Reinforcement, the use of machinery and the opt for the use of sophisticated weapons is perhaps every General’s best strategy for putting an end to a lingering war. The second line of defense in immunlogy help in the complete elimination of intruding microorganisms in the body. Second line of defense is also known as the …