The mind gate


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The mind gate

Sam came to Mr. Counselor’s first conference on Breaking free. He met some guests seated around a table that were waiting patiently for others to come. He greeted them, and he was received warmly. Soon after other guests appeared. Mr. Counselor started to share his views about the mind:

The mind is likened to a market place where a lot of people go to buy and sell. The market place accommodates both the righteous and cruel buyers and sellers. Our mind is a  marketplace for both the evil and the righteous thoughts.

Every modern marketplace is deemed to have a security man at the gate who selectively gives preference to who goes into the marketplace to buy and sell. The preference given to people who go into the market is often based on their appearance (neat or rough, hard-looking or business looking), the type of business intended, and the kind of goods in stock.
The selection based on preference is so important. Lest, the modern marketplace becomes a den of thieves and fraudsters.
The mind is the laboratory for the formulation and processing of both good and evil thoughts. Guide thy heart with all diligence. Mind what you hear, what you see, and what you eat.

Mind what you hear

We live in a world where what trends and attract people the most are immoral songs, slangs, and talks. It is almost impossible to go a day escaping such songs, slangs and talks. But the good news is that: ”We have the power to minimize the level at which such goes into our mind”. We can mind what we hear by staying clear of the places, friends, and news that injects such unholy language into our hearts. Perhaps it’s time to got new friends, change your route home, unsubscribe or even block some channels that you listen to. Remember that the race is to break free from all limiting habits.

Mind what you see

The eye, the most sensitive and powerful organ in our body have the power to control the whole body. Sounds funny right?. Here is why:
Any person without an eye is handicapped and can rarely do anything without the help of others. It is also good to note that we learn faster via visuals, what we see stick tighter. This is why it is almost harder to break free from pornography. You see it once, and the picture sticks forever.

To be free from porn addiction:

  1. Block explicit sites on your browser, you can download Spin browser or filter explicit contents from the Google search settings of your browser.
  2. You can also download porn blocking add-ons for your chrome and Firefox browsers.
  3. Seek help, buy materials, search for online blogs like this that can help you to be free completely and indeed.

Mind what you eat

Hey, don’t even try to smell. Yes, this is so true for people seeking information on how to break free. The moment you smell it, an attractive force pulls you on to taste it, and this is all you need to find yourself deep inside it eating it.
Runaway from where you can smell the flames from cigarettes if you are running away for cigarettes, increase the speed at where you can smell booze if you are running away from alcohol. Take to your heed from  where there is too much food and as well as where there is tendency for you to overfeed. Remember, if you smell it, you will taste it and before you know it, you will be gulping it. Your health matters, your weight matters!.

Mind what your heart processes

The living word (the Bible ) says: “whatsoever is good, whatsoever is holy, whatsoever is of good report meditate on them”. Evil thoughts will always flow into our hearts daily, alas, only the dead are free from evil thoughts. Lol!.
The good news is that when they come, you have the power to trash them and focus on greater things.

The task at hand matters,
It must not be delayed, focus on it.
Your vision matters
See it, not bottles, not porn
Your pursuit is very important.
Pursue quickly.

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