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There is a people, there is a journey and there is a path. A people, though ought to be of one goal are yet diverse in the direction which they take. A journey, though ought to have a route yet have many paths. Paths leads to different destination, but only a specified and ordained path lead to home.

Home is the desired destination of every sojourner, the remembrance of “home” is what lift the sojourner up from he/her place of rest and enjoyment and put him or her back on the path. However, getting home entails staying on the path. Trailing the path entails the use of the atlas.

The atlas, though can be bought with money, yet understanding the map therein can neither be bought with neither gold nor silver.

The path to home, is the path which no foul knoweth and which the vulture’s eye hath not seen. It is the path which the lion’s whelps have not trodden nor the fierce lion passed (Job 28).

The path is narrow and only trailed by a few, the atlas is the “Bible” which is the guild on the path. Home is the desired place which is heaven (his kingdom, a place for prince and princess, a place of singing non-stop and a place of big banquet).

Are you a runaway?, return to the path. Are you at the T-Junction on the path?, use the atlas; pick up that bible, trust the map “His words” therein in order to stay on the path. Perhaps understanding the content in the atlas is difficult, it is high time we feared the map maker (God) first, and lay down the knowledge of what we know at His feet in humility, so as to get a most excellent direction.

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