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Watchman Nee in his book called sit, walk, stand disclosed the story of two rice farmers which had their field beside each other. One was rich and had a good irrigation system while the other was poor and had no proper irrigation system. The rich farmer with a good irrigation system happens to be a Christian while the other farmer was not a Christian. Overtime the rich farmer have been looking for an opportunity to speak to the poor farmer about Jesus, but all his efforts were futile. And it happens that each time the rich farmer pumps water to irrigate his rice field, the poor farmer (Neighbor) will go and bore hole through the fence of the rich farmer so that water will flow into his field. This kept on happening for a very long time and the rich farmer did not know what to do. He informed the local Christian congregation about the happenings, as he was planning to take a legal step against the poor farmer. But they advice him not to take such step but rather show love towards him for “God is Love” and we Christians are meant to live a godly life ( life full of love). The rich farmer thereafter starter to supply water for the irrigation of poor farmer’s field as he waters his own field. This act of love baffled the poor farmer and he called the rich farmer one day and said to him… Why are you doing good to me?. I ought to be charged to the law court for “vandalization and theft, I deserve no act of kindness from you.

You have the right to punish me, why are you doing me good in return for the bad things I have done to you?”. Thus, the right opportunity for the rich farmer to propagate the gospel came.

The rich farmer answered “No body has the right to anything from God, we are all the product of grace and mercy received through the blood of the lamb (Jesus Christ)”.

Jesus the savior of the world has the right to be born in the best hospital, yet was born in the manger, he has the right to be raised in the palace by the king, yet he spent His early childhood in Egypt and was raised by a carpenter. He has the right to be a warlord surrounded by heavily armed soldiers, yet surrounded by only twelve commoners. During persecution. He has the right to call down hosts of heaven to defend and wipe off his mortal accusers in furry. How could they have torn his robe, how could they have smite him with their fist, how could they have spit on him, how could they have condemned him (who was without sin) to carry the cross like a sinner?. Yet he endured the pain of the cross, carried it just for you and I. Only Him has the right to condemn and punish sinners not I, not you.

Yet in agony, due to the pain on the cross, all that he could say was “Father Lord forgive them for they know not what they do” and he died. He that believeth in Him as the true son of God is not condemned, but he that believeth not in Him is condemned already”. Having heard the word today, do not harden your heart.

We all deserved nothing yet got everything.

Vengence is the Lord’s, the battle is the Lord’s!.


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