Whatsapp stickers for personal and commercial use

Whatsapp stickers for personal and commercial use

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Whatsapp stickers for personal and commercial use

Attaincom converted his business greeting flyer into a WhatsApp sticker, he sent it to a customer after purchasing one of his products. The customer loved it so much that she asked if Attaincom could teach her how to make one for herself.

Jane: I really love the sticker you just sent to me. Can you teach me how to make one, please?.

Attaincom: Why not… Let me take you through a series of steps to make stickers of your self and business.

Step 1:

For Android users:

Got to Google play store

Download “” Sticker maker” application and install it.

Note that there are lot of sticker maker apps on google play. But I use “Own sticker marker app”

Step 2

  • launch the app
  • Click “Create sticker pack”
  • Go to “Import from the gallery”


  • Go to folder
  • Select the picture of choice
  • Import name: I will be using Attaincom

sticker whatsapp

  • Add at least 3 stickers in one sticker packs


  • Click on add WhatsApp
  • Click add
  • Now go to your WhatsApp
  • Check out your sticker

attaincom stickers

What you stand to gain by creating Whatsapp stickers

  • Make yourself happy by turning your funny pictures into stickers
  • Create and send “Thank you stickers” to your customers after they purchase your products
  • Make funny stickers from your friend and laugh with them.

In the end, you are happy and everyone is happy too.

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